Jubilee Cathedral

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Lady Iris L. Williams is the esteemed First Lady of Jubilee Cathedral Church. She is the wife of our beloved Bishop. They have shared over 30 years of marital bliss together. Lady Williams received her Bachelors degree in mathematics from University of Miami. She combines her skills in administr along with her gift of encouragement to help uplift the Saints of God.

Lady Williams is a very quiet, humble soul, however; when she speaks, words of wisdom pour out. She is recognized for her invaluable sincerity and truth. Her wisdom and fortitude as a woman, mother, and wife is a consistent encouragement to the body of Christ. 

To that end, Lady Williams serves as a facilitator to the GEM's Women Ministry.  She has hosted many conferences along with Bishop Williams. She has served as speaker for various women’s functions.  She is the chairman of the Sunland Baptist Academy School board.

Lady Williams is a Godly woman, a committed wife in love and in ministry to Bishop Godfrey R. Williams and a loving mother of four children, LaQuisha, LaQuez, LaQuinton and LaQuishan. She is the surrogate mother to many others. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, and a love for children.

Lady Willams is truly the example of the Virtuous Woman. Jubilee Cathedral is blessed to have her as their GEM of a Lady.